Sunday, May 1, 2011

A May Day Basket Case

And I don't even like chocolate!
Easter baskets. An arch nemesis to anyone with kids who is trying to lose weight and promote healthy eating. I'm not even a chocolate fan, but when they are strictly forbidden, they somehow have more allure. (Yes, I dated a bad boy in high school, too.) In second place to all of sweets are the brightly colored hard boiled eggs just begging to be deviled! So now I have chocolate, sugar, and the potential for egg yolks whipped with mayo staring me in the face. So today, May Day, I am going Ninja on all of the leftover Easter Basket evils.

I believe it's serendipitous that I totally forgot to purchase anything to make May Day goodie baskets. Here is an opportunity to use that leftover candy! And there is always a random selection of cups leftover from birthday parties that take up space in the cabinet, yet I don't want to throw away. Two of my problems solved! Now all I need to do is whip out a few stickers, glitter paints and pom poms left in our winter survival craft kit and, VIOLA! Instant May Day baskets that rid my home of sweets and clutter. That's so ninja.

Now, on to the serious business of those eggs. I LOVE deviled eggs. I LOVE egg salad sandwiches. However, they love me so much, too, that they stay on my butt wherever I go! Time to do a little maneuvering to turn an old foe into a friend. Just the name devil'ed eggs tells you something!

Angel'ed Eggs
There are a few options for this. If you are on a specific diet plan (like me) and limiting fat, you will want to use half or less of  the yolks. If you are just wanting to eliminate the fat of the mayo, etc, and are ok with yolks, then by all means, use every one of those yummy little guys. They are not as high in cholesterol and fat as once believed, though they certainly do have some. Also, you can do this as an egg salad by chopping whites rather than halving and refilling.
Again, I don't use specific measurements. You can eyeball it, taste it along the way, and make adjustments for quantity and taste.

Ditch the devil'ed eggs and go for Angel'ed Eggs!
  • 1 dozen hard bolied eggs (remove yolks and chop whites)
  • salt, pepper
  • fresh chopped flat parsley, or tarragon, or cilantro, or scallion
  • finely diced celery (optional)
  • 1-2 small containers plain Greek yogurt (I like Dannon) drain whey
  • 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard (naturally fat free)
  • paprika (I like to use smoked sparingly, but either is fine)
  • 3+ drops of Tobasco or similar hot sauce (optional)

In a bowl mix yolks, yogurt and mustard, and hot sauce until smooth. Add herbs and seasonings, and fold in diced celery. If you choose do do as egg salad, fold in the chopped egg whites, cover and refrigerate. If it's deviled style you desire, spoon into hollowed whites, sprinkle with paprika and a little bit of the fresh herbs to garnish.

Happy May Day! Or, as it's also known, National Ding-dong Ditch Day!